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Jeff Voll is a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who only practices criminal defense law. He has never been employed as a prosecutor and he has certainly never been a cop. The Criminal Defense Law Firm of Jeff Voll has defended hundreds of clients (peace officers included) accused of violating the criminal laws of California. He offers experienced and aggressive criminal defense representation in all areas of criminal defense law throughout the Los Angeles County Courts.

If you find a criminal defense attorney who has better results than what's listed on my Results Page then hire them and not me.

But please do not be fooled by some of these unscrupulous lawyers who promise to make all court appearances personally only to send an "appearance lawyer" to court to "handle" your case. If at a minimum, the lawyer you pay, does not go to court on your behalf, then the chances are good that you have just been screwed by the very person who promised to fight for and protect you. And let's face it, the last person you want to be hurt by is your lawyer. After all, that's what the Judicial system, prosecutors and cops are for.

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