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We Live in Ventura County Instead of Just Visiting Its Jails

While other bail bond agents have to travel to Ventura County to bail out your friend or loved one, our agents are already there. You shouldn't have to wait any longer to see the person you care about free once again.

Ready to get your friend or loved one out of jail more quickly & easily? Call Halo Bail Bonds now at (800) 599-2895.

Travel Time

This is just simple math -- we have less distance to cover, so we get to the jail more quickly. The sooner the bond for your friend or loved one is paid, the sooner the jail starts processing their release. Depending on the jail and its current capacity, this could mean a difference of many hours.

About Ventura County

Ventura County is a popular area along the Pacific with a little something for everyone, whether you're looking for the rural beauty of the state, the fun times of its urban areas, or to catch up on your California history. Ventura County has an Historic Downtown Cultural District filled with boutiques, art galleries, historic sites such as the Mission San Buenaventura, historic inns, antique shops, restaurants and more.

Ventura County is famous for having many films shot throughout its area. The prime reason for this is its rural beauty, as stated above -- not many counties in California can claim to truly offer the type of environment only usually found in areas of the state with a low population. In fact, Ventura County delivers a lot of outdoor attractions to choose from including the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Los Padres national Forest and the Channel Island National Park, amongst others. Wineries, beaches like Mandalay, fine cuisine and more are interspersed throughout the county as well.

What is Jail Like in Ventura County?

Jails in Ventura County include the Oxnard City Jail, Simi Valley City Jail, Ventura County Pre-Trial Detention Facility, the Ventura County East County Jail, the Santa Maria Facility and the Todd Road Facility.

  • Pre-Trial Detention Facility: Despite its name this facility houses both sentenced and un-sentenced inmates, up to 890 total, including violent and non-violent offenders. This is likely where your friend or loved one is located because it books pre-trial inmates from across Ventura County.
  • East County Jail: This jail holds pre-trial inmates and sentenced inmates, and will conveniently accept bail bonds for anyone imprisoned in Ventura County. This facility is another likely place to find your friend or loved one because it accepts bookings from all over the county.
  • Todd Road Facility: This is the biggest detention facility in Ventura County, with up to 2,300 inmates housed in a single cluster. Doing time here is quite tough because the jail is underfunded, and thus understaffed. Eight beds occupy each dayroom, of which there are approximately 100.
  • Santa Maria Facility: Stays here are brief, up to 96 hours only; this is where pre-trial inmates are taken if for some reason it is more favorable compared to the Pre-Trial Detention Facility.

How Does the Bail Bond Process Work?

It can be a little tricky, even worrisome, to bail someone out for the first time. How much will it cost you? How long will it take? We know you have questions and we're happy to provide answers to some of the most common ones below.

Q: What is bail?

A: Bail is an arrangement made between a jail and a person charged with a crime. Courts set the monetary value of bail which must be met by the criminal defendant either with collateral, cash or a bond.

Q: How is bail set?

A: Each jail has a bail schedule (felony and misdemeanor) which consists of a list of crimes and their corresponding bail amount, set each year by a panel. The more serious the crime, the higher the bail. For example in Ventura County a high felony bail amount would be $500,000 for attempted murder of an executive officer, judge, juror and the like; a low felony bail amount would be $10,000 for second degree burglary.

Q: What is bond and what does a bondsman do?

A: People wanting to bail someone out pay a bondsman 10% of the total bail price to ensure its entirely will be paid in the event the defendant does not show up for his or her trial. The bondsman is paid a fee on top of this 10% for his services, and is responsible for making sure the defendant actually shows up in court. If he or she doesn't, the bondsman can hire a bounty hunter who has six months to find the defendant or the bondsman is liable for the entire cost of the bail price; usually this is paid through insurance carried by the bondsman.

Q: What is the cost for a bond?

A: 10% of the total bail price plus the fee charged by the bondsman for his services.

Ready to get your friend or loved one out of jail now? Call Halo Bail Bonds now at (800) 599-2895.

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