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Santa Barbara County Jail is a Place for No One.

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About Santa Barbara County

The population of Santa Barbara County in 2012 was 431,249, up from 399,347 in the year 2000. The population, spread out over 2,737 square miles, equates to a an average density. 57% of this population is employed by private businesses, 39% are self-employed and the government employees 3%. The racial makeup of Santa Barbara County is as follows: 42.9% hispanic or latino; 47.9% white non-hispanic; 4.6% asian individuals; 2.1% multiracial individuals; 1.7% black non-hispanics.

State beaches and state parks are great free areas to enjoy wen in Santa Barbara County. As with other areas in the state, even the pricier ones like San Francisco and San Diego, natural beauty is abundant and softening entertaining in itself. Wineries, the Pacific Center for the Performing arts, and fine cuisine like traditional barbecue is popular as well.

Corrections in Santa Barbara is handled by the Santa Barbara Jail and the Santa Maria Jail, a Type-II correctional facility. Before being transferred to the Main Jail, inmates are held for four days in the Santa Maria Jail. The average population of the Mail Jail is 640 inmates, with approximately 17,000 booking annually. Men and women, sentenced and pre sentenced, are held here.

We've Seen More of Santa Barbara County Than Its Jail Lobbies

Don't you want to have your friend or loved one bailed out by someone who actually knows the county that has got them locked up? Any bail agent can post bail for a competitive fee, but only locals like our agents have the experience to get the job done more quickly and easily.

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Travel Time

This is just simple math -- we have less distance to cover, so we get to the jail more quickly. The sooner the bond for your friend or loved one is paid, the sooner the jail starts processing their release. Depending on the jail and its current capacity, this could mean a difference of many hours.

About Santa Barbara County

Get ready to indulge in Santa Barbara County -- as much in fun as hard work. People here work out hard but enjoy food, treats and wine with just as much vigor. If you aren't spending significant amounts of time getting exercise during the 300 days of sun per year, you truly won't fit in in this county. Crack confetti eggs over your friends' heads to celebrate Old Spanish Days each year, part of the affinity for fiestas left to the county by Spanish settlers. Not enough? Earth Day was born here in 1970 after the devastating Santa Barbara Oil spill of 1969, adding to the residents' love of nature and everything related to it. Whatever you're looking to do, Santa Barbara County offers it up to you in spades.

What is Jail Like in Santa Barbara County?

You're understandably concerned about your friend or loved one stuck in jail in Santa Barbara County. The experience of one's stay differs greatly from jail to jail. Some are better than others -- some are tolerable while others are downright scary.

In Santa Barbara County the jails include: The Santa Barbara County Main Jail and the Santa Barbara County Medium Security Facility. The Main Jail is for pre-trial inmates, so a transfer to Medium Security would only occur after sentencing.

  • Main Jail: The Main Jail, with a total of 640 beds, consists of an area for more serious offenders as well as another for low security, referred to as The Farm. This is where most of those awaiting being bailed out will stay. If your friend or loved one is locked up here, it is certainly preferable to Los Angeles County jails in terms of the toughness of the time.

How Does the Bail Bond Process Work?

It can be a little tricky, even worrisome, to bail someone out for the first time. How much will it cost you? How long will it take? We know you have questions and we're happy to provide answers to some of the most common ones below.

Q: What is bail?

A: Bail is an arrangement made between a jail and a person charged with a crime. Courts set the monetary value of bail which must be met by the criminal defendant either with collateral, cash or a bond.

Q: How is bail set?

A: Each jail has a bail schedule (felony and misdemeanor) which consists of a list of crimes and their corresponding bail amount, set each year by a panel. The more serious the crime, the higher the bail. For example in Ventura County a high felony bail amount would be $500,000 for attempted murder of an executive officer, judge, juror and the like; a low felony bail amount would be $10,000 for second degree burglary.

Q: What is bond and what does a bondsman do?

A: People wanting to bail someone out pay a bondsman 10% of the total bail price to ensure its entirely will be paid in the event the defendant does not show up for his or her trial. The bondsman is paid a fee on top of this 10% for his services, and is responsible for making sure the defendant actually shows up in court. If he or she doesn't, the bondsman can hire a bounty hunter who has six months to find the defendant or the bondsman is liable for the entire cost of the bail price; usually this is paid through insurance carried by the bondsman.

Q: What is the cost for a bond?

A: 10% of the total bail price plus the fee charged by the bondsman for his services.

Ready to get your friend or loved one out of jail now?

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