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Gain Freedom From Riverside County Corrections.

Halo Bail Bonds knows there's no better way to appreciate your freedom than to get locked up -- so get out now!

Have you ever called a bail company and been unable to reach an agent within a timely manner, or have the agents been inconveniently located for the county which is processing your bail? These are common problems, as jails don't usually suggest a bail bond provider due to a conflict of interest. Our bail agents, however, are completely dedicated to the freedom of yourself or someone you know. They're available usually within ten minutes to begin a consultation, and they work with you until the job's done, ensuring speediness throughout the entire process. And if you're having trouble paying, we have options … and if you can't reach our office, we allow you to book a bail by phone. Click the button below now to fill out our quick app and hear from a bail agent within 10 minutes in most cases.

  • Save Time - We use bail by phone to remove an office visit from the equation.
  • Be Understood - We consult and listen to find the best solution.
  • Enjoy Flexibility - We accept collateral and credit as well as provide payment plans.
  • Get Peace of Mind - We’re a family business with over 150 years of experience.

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About Riverside County

In 2012 the county population in Riverside was 2,268,783, a huge increase over the turn of the century population of 1,545,387. The population density is high because for the number of persons within the relatively large size of the county (7,207 square miles) is quite small; 311 persons exist approximately per square mile. The cost of living in Riverside is 13 points above the national average of 100.

58% of the population works for private businesses, while 13% works for the government, 29% is self-employed and 1% of the population is unpaid due to being employed by their families, usually in the agricultural sector. 45.5% of the population is hispanic or latino, while 39.7% consist of white non-hispanics, 5.8% is made up of asian individuals, multiracial individuals account for 2.2% of the population and 0.5% consists of American Indian and Alaska Natives. Being a bustling urban area in California, Riverside offers everything from fine dining to shopping and entertainment, to cultural and artistic opportunities, to outdoor activities. For example, the General Patton Museum, Knott's Soak City Water Park for families, the Joshua Tree National Park and more.

Riverside County has one of the largest networks of jails in the country, the entirety of which is managed by the Corrections Division of the Sheriff's Department. Five jails comprise the network: Robert Presley Detention Center, Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility, Indio Jail Facility, Southwest Detention Center and the Blythe Jail Facility. The latter is the oldest corrections facility, built in 1964. Robert Presley opened in 1989 and the Southwest Detention Center opened in 1993. The Smith Correctional Facility is the largest of the five and contains sentenced as well as a large amount of unsentenced inmates. The Indio Jail was built most recently to deal with the rapid growth of the Coachella Valley area.