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Locked up in Plumas County Corrections & Wanting Out?

Halo Bail Bonds believes nobody should spend extra time in jail waiting to be bailed out.

How much experience does Halo Bail Bonds have? Our reputation is solid and based on a full-spectrum understanding of what you or someone you know needs during their time of confinement. Compassion, convenience and flexibility are the most important aspects. Bail can be very expensive and we understand that, which is why we offer different types of payment such as plans, collateral and credit to qualified customers. Click the button below not to fill out our quick app and hear from a bail agent within 10 minutes in most cases.

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  • Get Peace of Mind - We’re a family business with over 150 years of experience.

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About Plumas County

The population of Plumas County in 2012 was 19,399, one of the smallest of all the counties in the state. Likewise, the population density of the county is low because the land area is relatively large at 2,554, equating to nearly 60 persons per square mile. 63% of this population is employed by private businesses; 22% is employed by the government, and 14% is self-employed. The ethnic diversity of the county is very low at 85% white non-hispanics, 8% hispanics or latinos, 2.9% multiracial individuals, 2.3% American Indian and Alaska Natives, 0.9% black non-hispanics and 0.6% asian individuals.

Similar to other rural California counties, Plumas County is prized for its history and outdoor activities. For example, the county contains the Plumas National Forest which actually comprises the majority of the county. The Cascade Mountains attract many lovers of the outdoors each year to the county due to the variety of natural beauty and ideal climate. As far as the historical side of the county, visitors enjoy the Indian Valley Museum and the Plumas county Museum, which provides a window into pioneer life.

Corrections in the county is handled by the Plumas County Correctional Center, which houses up to 67 inmates and is overseen by the sheriffs' office. The sheriff in Plumas County, as is customary in small California counties, is also the county coroner.