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Our agents are ready and waiting in Placer County to help your friend or loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. It can be confusing when it comes to picking a bail bondsman, even just for a particular county, because there are so many out there -- we understand this and simply let our reputation speak for itself: Halo Bail Bonds, bailing persons out of California jails.

Ready to get your friend or loved one out of jail more quickly & easily? Call Halo Bail Bonds now at (800) 599-2895.

Shorter Travel Time

Because we're located closer to the jail in Placer County in which your friend or loved one is waiting, we can get them bailed out as quick as possible after their arraignment. Yes, other bail bond companies are located in Placer, but they do not have the combination of proximity and experience possessed by Halo Bail Bonds.

About Placer County

The population of Placer County is 361,682, as of 2012. It's history stems from the Gold Rush, but following its demise the county found other ways to stay relevant. Today there's a lot to do in Placer, like visiting its six museums -- the Placer County Museum, the Golden Drift Museum, the Forest Hill Divide Museum, the Griffith Quarry Museum, the Gold Country Museum and the Bernhard Museum. Looking to visit a winery? Placer County has many, such as Casque Winers, Cante Ao Vinho, Bonitata Boutique Wine -- unique individual wineries from Gold County, and yet another testament that Napa Valley is not the only exciting place to be a connoisseur in California. Placer County also has a vibrant art scene, from performance to painting to sculpture, photography and more. In October, August, June and April artists of different types hold the Auburn Art Walks.

What is Jail Like in Placer County?

Jail in Placer County used to be better, before realignment of inmates across the state shifted many to county jails. As always, jails in Placer (as with any county in the state) are currently having trouble receiving the additional funding they need to keep inmate populations below capacity. Why is reaching or exceeding capacity bad? Because then prisoners must be released or placed on probation; this is the law.

The law operates this way because the quality of life afforded to the prisoners becomes severely affected when prisons are overpopulated. Those who enter the jail even only for a wait until their arraignment and bail posting must deal with this overpopulation as well, even if they are innocent. Fortunately for Placer county a solution is in the works; already constructed is a new $93M facility. However, it still needs $6.5 million in annual operational funds in order to open and relieve other prisons in the county.

  • Main/Auburn Jail: After many additions to curb the effects of overcrowding, Auburn Jail now houses 646 (main jail and minimum security barracks) inmates throughout one female and two mail housing units.
  • Minimum Security Jail: 160 beds houses in barracks built in 1941; separate from the Main Jail but only a short distance away.
  • South Placer Jail: This is the newest jail in the county, opening in May 2014; it has 390 beds, 14 classification units and house 980 inmates.

How Does the Bail Bond Process Work?

It can be a little tricky, even worrisome, to bail someone out for the first time. How much will it cost you? How long will it take? We know you have questions and we're happy to provide answers to some of the most common ones below.

Q: What is bail?

A: Bail is an arrangement made between a jail and a person charged with a crime. Courts set the monetary value of bail which must be met by the criminal defendant either with collateral, cash or a bond.

Q: How is bail set?

A: Each jail has a bail schedule (felony and misdemeanor) which consists of a list of crimes and their corresponding bail amount, set each year by a panel. The more serious the crime, the higher the bail. For example in Ventura County a high felony bail amount would be $500,000 for attempted murder of an executive officer, judge, juror and the like; a low felony bail amount would be $10,000 for second degree burglary.

Q: What is bond and what does a bondsman do?

A: People wanting to bail someone out pay a bondsman 10% of the total bail price to ensure its entirely will be paid in the event the defendant does not show up for his or her trial. The bondsman is paid a fee on top of this 10% for his services, and is responsible for making sure the defendant actually shows up in court. If he or she doesn't, the bondsman can hire a bounty hunter who has six months to find the defendant or the bondsman is liable for the entire cost of the bail price; usually this is paid through insurance carried by the bondsman.

Q: What is the cost for a bond?

A: 10% of the total bail price plus the fee charged by the bondsman for his services.

Ready to get your friend or loved one out of jail now?

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