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Better Bail Agents For Mono County Jail

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Looking for better bail service for yourself, a friend or a loved one? You should be, because you deserve it, and many providers in Mono County aren't good enough. Processing in and out of Mono County jail has you waiting long enough -- the last thing you need is a slow-to-act agent keeping you from your life any longer. Halo Bail Bonds has the experience bailing people out of jail in every single county in the state of California. We never stop striving to make it easier for you, a friend or loved one to get out of jail as soon as possible. Click the button below to fill out our quick app -- then give us a call for a convenient consultation.

  • Save Time - We use bail by phone to remove an office visit from the equation.
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  • Enjoy Flexibility - We accept collateral and credit as well as provide payment plans.
  • Get Peace of Mind - We’re a family business with over 150 years of experience.

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About Mono County

The population in Mono County was 14,348 in 2012, up from 12,853 in the year 2000. The population density is five people per square mile, the total area of the county being 3,044 square miles. The cost of living is significantly less than the average for the county of 100, at 91.3. 66% of the population is employed by private entities, while 23% is employed by the government and 11% is self-employed.

The boundaries of Mono County stretch along the mid-eastern border of the state, from just above Bishop to shortly below South Lake Tahoe. The county is not as ethnically diverse as others in the state, with 68.2% consisting of white non-hispanics; 26.5% of the population is comprised of hispanics or latinos; American Indians and Alaska Natives make up 1.7%; multiracial individuals make up 1.7%; Asian individuals comprise 1.3%.

Like other rural California counties, Mono County is a haven for the outdoor enthusiast. The Toiyabe national forest and Inyo National Forest are located within the county, as well as the Bodie ghost town from the time of the gold rush. For water activities the Mammoth Lakes are perfect, and for winter pastimes like skiing and snowboarding visitors and residents enjoy the June Mountain Ski Area and Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.

Corrections in Mono County is handled by the Mono County Jail.