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It's Hard to Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Mariposa County From a Cell.

Halo Bail Bonds is committed to freeing people from the Mariposa County Jail faster than other providers.

We approach your freedom with the utmost compassion, professionalism and focus. There is no reason to spend one more minute under the watch of Mariposa County corrections than is necessary. Don't get caught waiting on another bail bondsman that doesn't have agents at the ready like we do, doesn't have flexible payment like we do, doesn't have the ability to arrange bail without an office visit, and doesn't treat you with the compassion necessary. Click the button below to start an application for yourself, a loved one or a friend now.

  • Save Time - We use bail by phone to remove an office visit from the equation.
  • Be Understood - We consult and listen to find the best solution.
  • Enjoy Flexibility - We accept collateral and credit as well as provide payment plans.
  • Get Peace of Mind - We’re a family business with over 150 years of experience.

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"Halo Bail Bonds helped me get out jail really fast. I was so grateful that they took the time to work with me and truly tried everything to make the process as easy as possible".

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About Mariposa County

Mariposa County can be called "The Home of Yosemite". It's a small, relatively unpopulated rural county, with only about 18,000 residents. The cost of living is low and the county is very friendly towards businesses, as the majority of income for the county is based entirely on year-round tourism. 62% of the population receives employment from a private enterprise, while 24% derives theirs from the government, 13% from self-employment and 1% from unpaid familial agricultural work.

The county is one of the least ethnically diverse counties in the entire state. The vast majority of the Mariposa County population is white non-hispanic at 83.2%, while 9.2% is hispanic or latino, 3% is multiracial, 2.5% is American Indian and Alaska Native, 1.1% consists of asian individuals and 0.7% is made up of black non-hispanics.

Detention in Mariposa County is provided by the Mariposa County Adult Detention Facility located on Highway 49 north; a small facility, it only holds approximately 60 inmates.