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About Humboldt County

The population in Humboldt County was 134,827 in 2012, up from 126,518 in the year 2000. The county encompasses 3,572 square miles, making it one of the largest counties in California, and also accounting for the low population density of the area. 63% of residents are employed by private businesses, 23% are employed by the government, 13% are self-employed and 1% are unpaid for their employment in familial agricultural work.

Humboldt County contains cities like Fortuna, Myrtletown, Eureka, McKinleyville and Arcata. The area is considered to be incredibly beautiful, even amongst the numerous other attractive counties in California. For example, within the county is the Redwood National Park; visitors to this park and other redwood parks in the area enjoy the spectacular hiking the area affords. The residents of this county stress eco-friendliness and other progressive lifestyle choices like being vegan or vegetarian. In fact, most of the activities in the county have to do with enjoying nature.

Detention in the county is provided by the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.