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We Understand Being Jailed in Amador County Isn't Easy

Thats' why at Halo Bail Bonds we use technology, customer service and our agent network to get you out fast.

Get out today, not tomorrow … or worse yet, somewhere down the line. Unfortunately many bail bond companies can successfully free you, a loved one or a friend but not in a timely manner. You have a job and a life you need to get back to as soon as possible, something we deeply understand and treat with compassion. At Halo Bail Bonds we believe the best way to prove this is by implementing our superior customer service, agent network and technology like bailing by phone to remove an office visit from the equation. Please fill out an application by clicking the button below and the peace of mind you can only get from our experience.

  • Save Time - We use bail by phone to remove an office visit from the equation.
  • Be Understood - We consult and listen to find the best solution.
  • Enjoy Flexibility - We accept collateral and credit as well as provide payment plans.
  • Get Peace of Mind - We’re a family business with over 150 years of experience.

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"Halo Bail Bonds helped me get out jail really fast. I was so grateful that they took the time to work with me and truly tried everything to make the process as easy as possible".

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About Amador County

Amador County is yet another beautiful county in the state of California. It's popular, which is evident by its growing population of about 500 additional residents per year. The majority of these residents are employed by private organizations, while the remainder are employed by the government at 24% and their own businesses at 13%. The population is not very ethnically diverse compared to other California counties like Alameda, with 80% being white non-Hispanic.

There's lots to do in Amador County, for residents and visitors alike. For those interested in the outdoors, the opportunities are endless. Hiking, biking, golfing and mine tours can be had amongst the hills of Amador County, while the Sierras invite the more adventurous to enjoy climbing and more like spelunking. Winter activities are available as well, in addition to shopping, cultural events and antiquing.

The Amador County Jail serves the county area, with a capacity of 76 inmates, 11 of which are approved to be female.